2017 Walking Goals

In 2017 I want to focus on getting to know the footpaths and trails of Essex, with a few excursions out of the county to walk with friends.

Essex Walks

  1. Hike the Essex Way for Essex Girls ~ 81 miles ~ within 5 days
    8th March 2017: Hike The Essex Way in aid of Essex Women’s Advisory Group, starting on International Women’s Day.
    Complete! Here’s my post about it >
  2. Masters of the Universe do The Essex Jailbreak ~ 22 miles ~ within 15 hours
    8th April 2017: Chelmsford to Colne Engaine in aid of Colne Engaine Youth Club
    Sadly the event was cancelled so we took an 8 mile walk locally instead.
  3. Ridley Round ~ 13 miles
  4. John Ray Walk ~ 9 miles
  5. Beating the Bounds ~ 16 miles
  6. Flitch Way ~ 15 miles
  7. Mersea Island coastline ~ 13 miles
  8. Roach Valley Way ~ 23 miles
  9. St Peter’s Way ~ 41 miles
  10. Saffron Trail ~ 72 miles

Outside Essex

  1. Hadrian’s Wall ~ 70 miles ~ within 7 days
    I was hoping to hike this in June this year but due to some tendonitis in my achilles I’ve put it back to the Autumn or possibly 2018.
  2. Part of The South Downs Way ~ a short day’s walk
    Complete! We had very little ones with us so it was just a 5km amble from Firle Beacon to Alfriston for a pub lunch. It was worth the journey to spend time with old friends, one of whom is section-hiking all 100 miles of the South Downs Way in her 40th year!