A stroll amid the pebbles, for a couple of hours

The Route: 3 miles there and back from Aldeburgh to Thorpeness on the Suffolk Coast.

An old friend visited from the States so I drove the hour and a half up the glorious A12 to see her in Aldeburgh. While we suffered some technical difficulties getting hold of each other I took the dogs for a stroll on Aldeburgh Beach, although neither Elsie nor Reggie were very impressed by the pebbles, which hurt their boney little feet.

I found my friend in Ye Olde Cross Keys snaffling a good-looking fish pie, so I ordered some excellent grilled sardines before we went for an amble. We hadn’t seen each other in person for 20 years so I’d been a little nervous to see her. I shouldn’t have worried, it was like being back at school with an extra dollop of wisdom.

Map of route from Ye Olde Cross Keys in Aldeburgh to The Dune House outside ThorpenessWe took the path through the dunes towards Thorpeness and chattered away trying to avoid stepping on her mother’s Toy Poodle. We took an obligatory gaze upon The Scallop but it was covered in people and my friend was more interesting than the sculpture.

It’s a shame there’s a road through the dunes because otherwise I would have taken Elsie and Reggie off the lead but as it was I couldn’t trust my them not to run in front of a car. As we reached the first few houses on the edge of Thorpeness my friend recalled staying in the most ramshackle looking one as a child, with a story of it being a falling down filmset. Right next door was The Dune House, an extraordinary exercise in showing the neighbours your business since the entire ground floor is glass-walled, meaning that you can see right through it as well as everything going on inside. It may be a RIBA Awarded holiday home but I’m not sure I could stay there.

The Suffolk Coast did its bit – the sea was like a millpond and all the drama was in the sky, giving us a spectacular sunset.


Daydreamin’ ~ Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott


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